Association Highlights

Tuition and Congregational Level Support 
Full Cost tuition for the 2016-17 school year will be increased from $7,550 to $7,750 ($200). Families from Level 1-4 congregations will have a tuition increase of $170. An additional $30 tuition benefit will be added to the current benefits in Level 1-4 support. No changes in congregational levels of support will be made. The last tuition increase was in 2009, congregational levels of support has remained the same since 2004. 
The Shared Time Program
All four of our schools have Shared Time programs. Lutheran North continues with Romeo Public Schools. Lutheran Northwest continues with Avondale Public Schools. Lutheran Westland continues with Avondale Public Schools and has added Livonia Public Schools. Lutheran South continues with Airport Public Schools.
International Student Program
Our International Program has continued to grow and flourish under the leadership of Julie Hoegeman. This year, 53 International Students are attending our schools. They come from the countries of : South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Brazil. 

The ultimate goal of these students is to attend an American University upon graduation from one of our schools. A variety of blessings result from their enrollment in our schools. The International Program provides an opportunity for our students to interact with individuals from around the world with different cultures and world views, added student enrollment and tuition for our schools, and most importantly, an opportunity to daily share the "Good News" with these young people.
Dual Enrollment
Several years ago, the state of Michigan opened up dual enrollment to students attending parochial schools.  This means that qualifying students attending Lutheran High School Association schools may now take non-essential college classes with tuition paid by the state of Michigan.  Students may take up to 10 college classes (30 college credits) while they are in high school.  Classes may be taken at the college or university or online.  There are currently 18 students taking dual enrollment classes, most of them with Concordia University, Ann Arbor.
Virtual High School
This summer, the Association signed a Shared Time agreement with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA), a virtual school of the Oxford Public School District.  Students at North, Northwest, and Westland are able to take virtual non-core (elective) classes.  This opportunity greatly increases the number of elective classes that our students can choose from, and provides them an opportunity to experience a virtual class while still in high school.  Currently, 48 students are taking these elective classes.  OVA is in the process of seeking state approval to offer classes statewide.  If they are successful, Lutheran South will be able to take advantage of this program in the future greatly expanding elective class offerings for Lutheran South Students. 
Capital Improvements
Each year, in preparation for the summer, the Principals submit a list of “Needs, Wants, and Dreams” (some include what I term hallucinations) to the Superintendent for consideration.  This past summer, the following projects were approved:
Lutheran North
  • Hail shields for Rooftop A/C Units
  • Soundproof classroom walls in original classroom wing (1974)
  • Replace Foods room appliances (1982)
  • Paint the exterior of the gym to match building
  • New lockers for athletic locker-room (Christmas installation)
  • New Cafeteria tables (1983)
Lutheran Northwest
  • Library renovation – now called Learning Lounge
  • New HVAC Controls
  • Sidewalk replacement – front of the school
  • New Cafeteria tables (1983)

 Lutheran Westland

  • Ceiling Replacement – Halls and Classrooms
  • Floor Tile Replacement – Halls and Commons
Innovative Instructional Grant

The “Innovative Instructional Grant” program provides funding for curricular departments to pilot projects and programs that will significantly enhance the students’ classroom experience.  The grant limit is $10,000 per project!  Projects funded by they grant include:

  • Apple TV’s
  • Business Management and Marketing educational materials and software
  • I-Pads and storage carts
  • LCD classroom projectors
  • Media Center renovations
  • Science lab technology and equipment
  • Foreign Language curriculum
Professional Development

Since 1944, our LHSA has endeavored to promote not only a Christ-centered education to secondary students, but also an excellent college-prep curriculum through excellent academic programs.  A significant goal for our schools is to continue to be overtly intentional in achieving this excellence year after year.  Last year, Mr. John Brandt, veteran teacher and English Department Chair at LHN, was given release time to serve as the school’s Academic Dean to lead the effort in curriculum review and enhancements, professional development, and teacher mentoring.  Based upon the benefits that North has observed from this focus, each school has instituted their own version of professional growth and development for their teaching staff.  On Tuesday, February 16, 2016, all staff will join together for professional development and team building activities (no school for our students).


Mr. Paul Looker, Assistant Superintendent, has taken the lead responsibility for implementing an admissions program in each of our schools.  For years, each of the schools has done recruitment and admissions, but admittedly, not a true structured program with definite goals, objectives, and metrics.  Each school has identified a lead person who is responsible for the program in their school.  We now have a much better handle on what we do, why we do it, and the results produced.  This has already led to schools adjusting and revamping recruitment visits and events that they have done for years.

Tuition and Financial Aid Management

The Association has contracted with “Smart Tuition” for the 2016/17 school year to assist with the management of tuition payments and in determining financial need for student aid.  Tuition payment options for parents will be greatly expanded.  One of the added benefits of this new system is that parents will be able to view the status of their accounts at any time.  An additional new feature that will be available soon, is called, “Buy Now – Give Now”.  This program will allow people, not only parents, to purchase school items and tickets for fundraisers.  The giving component will allow people to make donations to the schools and the Lutheran High School Association on-line.


 First and foremost, the vision for the Lutheran High School Association schools is that they prepare students for life in time and life in eternity.  Secondly, that each school is the school of choice for Lutherans and all those who desire a Faith based education.  The first step in that vision is for our schools to become the school of choice for graduates of our Lutheran grade schools.  To that end, each school is in the process of reassessing its current recruitment efforts directed at our Lutheran grade schools.  We will also seek input from families, pastors, principals, and faculty of our Lutheran grade schools regarding the effectiveness of our current recruitment efforts and suggestions for improvement.  We endeavor to make our program Christ centered, challenging, relevant, and ultimately prepare our students for college.