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Why Lutheran Secondary Education?
The Lutheran High School Association is an educational ministry of Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregations. The Association exists to "teach them everything our Lord has commanded."  The purpose is to provide academic excellence in a Christian environment that seeks to witness to students and their families, promote growth in faith and life, and prepare students to "walk the talk" as they enter an ever more challenging society.
Truly, the heart of education is the education of the heart. To keep faith with our youth, our schools must be centers of rigor, relevance, and relationships. Our Mission: A Ministry to Young People as stated in the Constitution, "The object, aim, and purpose of this ASsociation shall be:
  1. To foster Christian secondary education in harmony with the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions;
  2. To establish, own, manage, and maintain schools for that purpose;
  3. To offer a suitable curriculum which maintains proper accreditation with recognized church and state education.
Lutheran North Mission Statement:
Lutheran High School North is devoted to academic excellence and, above all, to sharing and modeling the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all aspects of its ministry.
Lutheran Northwest Mission Statement:
Lutheran High School Northwest is committed to equip students for a life of Christian service through a curriculum of academic excellence, encouraged through a caring Christ-centered environment where God's Word is shared daily.
Lutheran Westland Mission Statement:
Lutheran High School Westland is committed to providing Christ-centered education that equips students spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically for the future and challenges them to serve others in Jesus Christ.