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Grand Club

Grand Club
What is the Grand Club? Dr. Herb Moldenhauer, 35 years ago, began the effort with a challenge to our constituency. A simple challenge to individuals to donate $1,000 to help further the ministry of our Lutheran high schools. That first year, over 50 individuals did exactly that...and more! Thus began The Grand Club. Many of those individuals have been giving to the ministry of the LHSA ever since!
To date, there are over 1,200 Grand Club members with over 10 million in donations! And our Grand Club member keep on giving even after their initial "grand" gift to our schools!
Of course, any financial gift given to the Lutheran high schools is received with much appreciation; an initial gift of $1,000 is an amazing gift and that's The Grand Club! Members of the Grand Club have remarked that, "Once you reach that $1,000 level, the joy is immeasurable...and it doesn't stop. You just keep giving because it really becomes "Joy Giving"!
What does Grand Club money do? It helps each individual school purchase needed academic and co-curricular equipment. Grand Club gifts may be designated for special school projects. Grand Club gifts can help keep out "Angel Tuition" program going. Many families struggle financially to send their children to LHSA schools. Gifts from Grand Club members help families afford this great opportunity to attend great schools.
Why not give us a call and find out how you can become part of this Grand Club!