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Detroit Lutheran High School - Joy Road Class of 1962

July 19th, 2017


Dear DLHS 1955 Classmates,


The arrangements are definitely final and the information you need regarding our Reunion for September 2017 is below.


Date: September 20-21 (Wednesday noon - Thursday breakfast) or any part of it you wish to attend.


Lodging: Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth, MI.  You will need to make your own room reservations if you will be staying overnight.  The Group ID# is 121372.  Telephone: 855-652-7200.  Fifteen rooms are being held for us.  More will be available if we need them if they are available.  Don’t wait too long to make your reservation.


Meals: Wed: Bavarian Inn Restaurant for lunch (12 noon) and dinner (5:00 p.m.) Everybody will order from the menu and pay for their own meals.

            Thur (if you stay over): Omah”s Restaurant in the Bavarian Inn Lodge for breakfast (8:30 a.m.) Everybody will order from the menu and pay for their own meals.


Hospitality Room: We have a hospitality suite reserved where we can gather and visit Wednesday afternoon and evening.  Our “treasury”, however, is a little short.  If we contributed $2.00 per person we would have what we need to cover the additional funds needed.  Ron made the bold decision to commit you all to that.  You can give it to him when you get to the reunion.  Each of us will be responsible for our own drinks and you are invited to bring a snack to share. 


Other than your own meals that you will pay for, and the $2 for the hospitality room, there are no additional costs for this reunion!  What a deal! Don’t even think about missing this!


Knowing the number of people planning to eat on Wednesday is important.  A room has been reserved for 40 people.  If we do not get at least 30 we will be assessed a surcharge.  I need to know if I should keep the room for 40 or get a smaller one.  Please let us know soon if you plan to attend and which meals on Wednesday you expect to eat with us. This is not a “hard and fast” commitment, but a best guess on whether you would like to come as long as you are physically able to come. Thanks. (If you are not sure whether you have already responded, do it again! Make sure! We promise to not count you twice!)


Please respond to Ron ( - 248-642-3137) or Don ( -301-949-0473). We communicate with each other, so you will be counted regardless of who you respond to.


Finally, if you have friends from another class that would like to join us, forward this information to them.  They are welcome.


I think everything is covered but let me know if you think something was forgotten.




Don Becker


P.S. We only have email addresses for 51 of our 77 classmates still alive or not “lost”, so please inform any classmate you know about the reunion, in case they do not have a known email address.   And be sure to let me know if you find someone who has an email address but has not received this information. Thanks!

P.P.S. I have the last known phone numbers for the 26 class members who do not have email. Let me know if you will help by calling some of them to make sure they have heard about the reunion. Thanks. Don