Celebrating 75 (LHSA) Years!


Detroit Lutheran High School
West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI

This year, we celebrate 75 years of God’s faithfulness of our ministry to young people through the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit. The first recorded meeting took place on August 13, 1943, when 24 pastors, teachers, and laymen gathered at the Gethsemane Parish House in Detroit to have the first quasi-official meeting to discuss moving the dream of a Lutheran High School in Detroit to a reality. At the meeting, it was acknowledged that 70 students from the city of Detroit alone, were attending the Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 11 months later, on July 10, 1944, The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit was incorporated, and was now a legal entity in Michigan (our official birthdate). Two months later, on September 18, 1944, the doors to Detroit Lutheran High School opened for the first time to 168 freshmen and sophomores.

The school was located at 1000 West Grand Boulevard in the former Restrick Lumber Company (location pictured to the left). There were 3 levels of tuition. Full cost tuition was $120. Lutheran Non-Association tuition was $60. Association Member tuition was $40. The Board of Directors reviewed each student’s application for admission. Three years later, on June 12, 1947, 72 of those first students (24 boys and 48 girls) became the 1st graduating class of Detroit Lutheran High School. As we remember our past, I believe it is important to thank and recognize those first pioneers of this brand new school, the first graduating class of the Detroit Lutheran High School, the class of 1947.

The dedication page of the first yearbook, the Aureole, captures the spirit and hope for the future of the students and staff of Detroit Lutheran High School. Fittingly, the theme of the yearbook was Pioneers.

To the students of Tomorrow.

So that you who come after us may know of our days at school, we leave this book to you. It is a record of chores, of felling of trees and then seeing them rise again in the form of warm cabins. There was the plowing of unyielding ground and the sowing of the seeds of stability, which would yield a good harvest of durable standards of school life. And, there were hours of play and the hours of worship without which life is a barren thing. Because we know that you will carry on after us in the same tradition of work and play and worship, we dedicate this book to you. In those hardy pioneers who with dogged wills and high dreams rolled over the great expanse of our land, dotting it with homes and spires, was a will to achieve, to build, to raise up a land of the free and a home for the oppressed of the world. It is for this reason that we have chosen their work as the theme of this book. For ours, too, is the will to build, to achieve in our lives the work for which God gave us life.

By God’s grace, we are privileged to celebrate 75 years of His blessings on our ministry as we endeavor to “Keep Faith with Our Youth.” May we boldly echo the Class of 1947 and proclaim:

For ours, too, is the will to build, to achieve in our lives the work for which God gave us life.

Thank you for your continuing support of our ministry to young people. God Bless!

Detroit Lutheran High School
Joy Road, Detroit, MI

Steve MesekeLHSA